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photographer sebastian copeland has reached both poles on foot, traveling more than 8,000 kilometers across the arctic sea, greenland and antarctica (and setting four world records in the process), in order to document this disappearing landscape and highlight the effects of climate change.  

says copeland, “helping people fall in love with their world is a catalyst to wanting to save it. our actions here, in the industrialized world, are changing this fragile, beautiful landscape forever, and i wanted to ask people to think about that.” 

though to many the poles may seem unimportant in their remoteness, copeland notes, “the rapid changes in this stark yet fragile icy realm may sound the last warning before the destruction of our environment as we know it today.”

it was revealed this week, for example, that the eventual loss of a major section of west antarctica’s ice sheet — a region which contains enough ice to raise global sea levels by four feet — now appears unstoppable. 

(the trailer for copeland’s documentary, “into the cold, a journey of the soul”. see also camille seaman’s the last iceberg)

An update on my life!

Hey world, sorry I’ve been gone so long! Some life shit happened.
Let’s see, my cat got run over by a car (rip Charlie)
Justin and I broke up
I went to rainbow in Utah for cleanup
Now I’m in Nebraska
I’m traveling again!!!
So, I’ll be around :)
Hope all your lives have been great cause mine has been.
Going to Wisconsin soon to see my family and friends that I haven’t seen in years